A five-year journey through a vast natural filter

Volvic Natural Mineral Water begins its journey as rainwater, which falls over the Volvic area and infiltrates into the ground. Volvic water is then filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock for around five years. The water is preserved by the volcanic layers and is carefully protected from any pollution.

A Unique Mineral Composition

This long journey, through this vast natural filter, gives Volvic Natural Mineral Water its unique mineral composition and its crisp fresh taste. Extracted at a depth of 90 metres, Volvic water is characterised by its mineral content, its purity and the consistency of its composition.

Volvic water flows through four types of Volcanic rock:

Basalt: Black rock formed by surfacing liquid lava.

Trachyandesite: Grey rock, formed by more viscous lava and contains more silica than basalt.

Volcanic scorla rock: Formed from Volcanic ejecta filled with gas.

Granite: Old, plutonic rock formed by the crystallisation of magma deep below the surface.

Unique mineralisation is no miracle

The water you have in your bottle is naturally pure, as per all natural mineral waters, thanks to its origins from deep underground. From the source to being bottled in our protective atmosphere rooms, the water never comes into contact with ambient air, until you open the bottle.