Volvic Pledge

Volvic Water is a unique natural mineral water, sourced in a volcanic natural ecosystem which we have been preserving for years.

At Volvic we believe that our strength depends on nature. We see our role as preserving nature’s strength. Natural ecosystems, and the watersheds in them, are key for the health of the planet. They are a source of its strength, yet they are fragile and need to be protected.

Aiming to have a broader impact beyond our source, our mission is to preserve, protect and regenerate the strength of our ecosystems.

We know that we need to challenge and improve ourselves. We are committed to continuously evolving the way we do business so that we can continue to bring to you our volcanic natural mineral water and other refreshing beverages in a way that supports people and our planet.

This is why Volvic has made the commitments to:

We protect our source and its ecosystem to ensure the purity*, the quality and the fresh natural taste of our volcanic natural mineral water.
*like all natural mineral waters

As a key step in our sustainability journey, we have transparently calculated and certified the carbon footprint of our products through every stage of their lifecycle and put in place a carbon reduction plan to further cut down emissions.

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In parallel, Volvic is helping restore the balance of carbon emissions by investing in natural ecosystems protection projects with our partner and project developer South Pole. In this way we contribute to protecting forests, watersheds, biodiversity and local communities in more than two billion square metres of natural ecosystems (equal to 53 times Volvic’s catchment area of 38 km²) in volcanic countries such as Peru, Congo and Uganda. These projects help to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and offset our remaining carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.

The Volvic global brand has been certified as B Corp. This means we've joined a community of 3000 other companies around the world who aim to use business as a force for good and contribute to a more ethical economy.

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We commit to using 100% recycled plastic in our bottles by 2025, in order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, help tackle the issue of plastic pollution and further reduce our carbon footprint.

For each litre of Volvic you drink we help to provide access to 1L of safe drinking water to people in need. Throughout 2019 this represented over 5 million people around the world in the countries of Cambodia, India, Haiti, Mexico, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Senegal - equalling over 1.4 billion litres of safe water per year.

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Our world is changing. And so are we. Together we can try to help restore the balance so we can all continue to benefit from nature’s strength.